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The Opportunity 

Peak is a Decision Intelligence company - we are on a mission to help organisations use AI to make great commercial decisions, all the time. Just as importantly, we are also focused on building an amazing company - one where we truly value our people & culture, and strive to make an amazing and diverse place to work. Our recent Best Companies award & 3 star accreditation for being one of the top companies to work for is a testament to this.

We have ambitious plans over the coming years; to launch and lead a new category of technology (Decision Intelligence), expand our operations and create the best working culture possible. This is a great time to join Peak and the Engineering team, as we start the next stage of our global growth.

The Role

Based in Jaipur and Manchester, you’ll be working with cutting edge technologies in a collaborative team where everyone’s input is valued. You will create programs and algorithms that enable machines to take action without being directed. You’ll be encouraged to explore new tech and bring fresh ideas to the table. 

Building CODI at Peak involves:

  • Research to identify the latest available algorithms in the world of machine learning and analyze the typical construct for them to work.  
  • Introduce new features in CODI so that machine learning tools/technologies are backed by best practices such as intelligent API/infrastructure management, A/B testing, Model management or any other best practice to put ML in production systems. 
  • Understand and use computer science fundamentals, including data structures, algorithms, computability and complexity, and computer architecture
  • use exceptional mathematical skills, in order to perform computations and work with the algorithms involved in this type of programming
  • Build data & model pipelines and collaborate with data engineers 
  • manage the infrastructure and data pipelines needed to bring code to production
  • demonstrate an end-to-end understanding of applications (including, but not limited to, the machine learning algorithms) being created
  • build algorithms based on statistical modeling procedures and build and maintain scalable machine learning solutions in production
  • use data modeling and evaluation strategy to find patterns and predict unseen instances
  • research and implement best practices to improve the existing machine learning infrastructure
  • provide support to engineers and product managers in implementing machine learning in the product
  • Working closely with colleagues within the Engineering and Data Science teams in the UK and India, to analyse business problems, clarify requirements, define the scope, share knowledge, and collaborate. 
  • Consulting clients and colleagues concerning the maintenance and performance of software systems. 
  • Continually updating your technical knowledge and skills.

Personal skills

We are on a big mission to be the number one AI System for businesses worldwide, as such we need someone who is:

  • True team player - share success and work well across the business.
  • In the know – keeps up to date with the latest tech news, launches and product updates, market results, and industry announcements.
  • Deliver focussed – delivers activity and results that are aligned to the Peak commercial plan & values.
  • Creative - able to create and deliver unique solutions. 
  • Customer-first – puts the customer at the forefront of every activity to get the best result.
  • Question the process - build team greatness by challenging the status quo and trying new things.
  • Believe in being great, not good.

Required Skills

Peak uses a range of modern tech that requires a diverse skill set. A willingness to learn and a natural curiosity about tech is essential and some experience of the following would be great:

  • In-depth knowledge of machine learning - supervised unsupervised, self-supervised algorithms. 
  • Interest and understanding of the latest machine learning techniques like transfer learning, MDP/POMDP, reinforcement learning, generative adversarial networks, sequence to sequence modeling, etc., and their applications in engineering and businesses. 
  • Building and designing distributed ML systems for business intelligence reporting as well as transactional processing.
  • In-depth understanding of AI model creation flow, AI model metrics 
  • Experience in applying machine learning algorithms and libraries like ScikitLearn, Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch
  • Microservices architecture - both designing and implementing.
  • Ability to work with data payloads of various sizes (few bytes/high frequency to few gigabytes/low frequency)
  • Knowledge of building APIs in Python
  • Performance tuning of ML systems
  • Experience working with agile methodologies.
  • Good at managing customer & colleague expectations and working towards achieving team deadlines and goals.
  • Excellent teamwork with the ability to coach others. 
  • Interest in learning new technologies and the ability to pick these up quickly.
  • A logical, analytical, and creative approach to problem-solving. 


  • Opportunity to help scale Peak and make a large impact in a fast-growing company with global ambitions.
  • Competitive compensation package, options, pension, and generous holiday entitlement.
  • Deliver meaningful AI solutions to solve a business’s most complex problems - we will help you develop skills and experience essential in the modern economy. 
  • A fantastic working environment with open communication channels, flat hierarchy, and a truly collaborative style.
  • Peak has a strong culture that we live by, based on shared values: we are open, straightforward, smart, responsible, curious, and driven. 
  • Opportunity to influence Peak’s early success in entering the US market in 2019.
  • Learn from some of the best minds in the UK across multiple disciplines. 

About Peak

In an age when becoming AI and data-driven is one of the most important things businesses must do, it can also be one of the most challenging. That’s where Peak comes in; our CODI system sits at the heart of our client’s businesses, enabling the rapid unification, modelling and - most importantly - use of data - helping decision makers make great commercial decisions, powered by AI. All supported by our world-class data science team.

Founded in 2014, Peak has grown rapidly, in line with the world’s fastest growing SaaS companies, winning numerous awards and attracted significant funding to support the company’s ongoing investment in machine learning and AI technologies. All to further our mission to become the world’s leading AI System business.

Headquartered in Manchester, Peak also has offices in London, Edinburgh, Jaipur and Brisbane. Our clients include some of the world's leading retailers, manufacturers and well-known brands alongside highly innovative and tech-savvy businesses. Peak is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner, and holds Machine Learning Competency and Retail Competency status.

Find out a whole lot more on our website

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